Some of the proud moments at DTM

Care in her heart, passion in her work and love in her words❤ Yes ! This is how our dearest, loveliest ​Harini JBL​ has been leading our club from past 3 months.
Being a consistent Toastmasters from past 9 months, she has come a long way. From being a shy introvert girl to a jolly and disciplined VPE, she has truly learnt to be a competent leader in all avenues of her toastmasters growth.
Today let's congratulate her for achieving her first official toastmasters award of a ​Competent Leader​. You are truly a unique leader! Keep spreading your shine
April 2018

The art of communication is the language of leadership.-James Humes
Working on the communication track, managing an area and a new marriage is no easy task for any person but Kreeti always manages to complete difficult tasks with finesse 😋
And now she has acheived another major milestone of Advanced Communication Silver. Congratulations Kreeti! You continue to set new benchmarks 🎉😁
April 2018

_Go the extra mile. It makes your boss look like an incompetent slacker_ . - Stephen Hawking
What do you call someone who goes the extra mile?🤔
What do you call someone who transcends the secrets of leadership?🤔
What do you call someone who is the epitome of pro-activeness?🤔
Well, the answer to all the above questions is same- TM Rishabh Jain 😃
Delhi Toastmasters wishes heartiest congratulations to its extra mile DTM-ite TM *Rishabh Jain* for winning the DTM-ite of the month award for March 2018.
May you blossom more and more in time to come.
April 2018

Often the destination snatches the glory of the journey! For him the destination to be a Competent Leader is well deserved!
But we need to talk more about the journey to being a Competent Leader. The journey involved innumerable evaluations, mentorship as a friend, offline support to a lot of people and dedication to his responsibility!🤗🤗☺☺
His journey is in no way less glorious then the destination!!❤🧡
We congratulate our own VP Membership- *Prateek Sultania*, on becoming a *Competent Leader*!!🎉🎊
March 2018

As always our DTMites made us proud again at AREA E3 contest. Representing the club and winning this contest is a sign of good improvement and elevated journey. We congratulate our three DTMites - KUSHNABH CHHABRA, DHEERAJ JAIN AND TARAN SINGH for making us proud and securing 2nd place, 3rd place in table topic session and 3rd place in ISC respectively.🏅 DTM IS PROUD OF YOU THREE.
March 2018

A perfect Speech is a blend of great content, humour, emotions and the way speaker presents. Such speeches have power to shape our thoughts, they can change our mindset.Today in *INTERNATIONAL SPEECH CONTEST AT DTM* we witnessed such a day where we had a treat to experience great speeches one after another. Everyone went an extra mile and succeeded in winning our hearts. Among them, 3 contestants won the trophy as well.The winners are
1. Harini Jbl
2. Tarandeep Singh
3. Prateek Sultania
*Congratulations to all the participants and winners.*
TM Harini and TM Tarandeep will be representing our club at area level.So All the best for area contest.
Feb 2018

Impromptu speaking is at once the easiest and most difficult of the individual events. It is easy in that no writing, memorization, or extensive research on a topic is required. It is difficult in that no writing, memorization, or extensive research on a topic is allowed. In the recently held Table Topic Contest at Delhi Toastmasters.Delhi Toastmasters has got it's champions who won hearts with their skill of thinking on feet and expressing their thoughts. *Congratulations to all the winners and all the best for Area contest.*
Feb 2018

10/10 DCP GOALS.
yeah we did it again👌👌👌
You see those smiles on members' and guests' faces alike?☺😁
You see the straight gazes of the people who are optimistic?🙂🙃
You see the overflowing number of people who couldn't be fit in one frame?😌😉
You know what is the reason for all these?
The achievement of *10/10 DCP Goals by Delhi Toastmasters* . Not just that, the first club in Division E to do so!🎊🎉
Such an achievement calls for a long list of thanks:👏🏽🙌🏽
Thanks to the members with never ending energy and enthusiasm to learn!!
Thanks to the well wishers for all the support!!
Thanks to all small and big contributors!!
Feb 2018 2017

We congratulate our optimistic, benevolent, happy - go - lucky, entertaining, always smiling *Himanshu Sharma* for completing his CC and with that DTM achieved it's 10th DCP. You have lightened up this club with your light mood and optimistic nature! DTM family congratulates you❤️
Jan 2018

What do you call someone who has finely understood the indelible link between a great leader and an effective public speaker? *VAIBHAV JAISINGH*
The past president of Delhi Toastmasters and the current Director of Area B2, Vaibhav's remarkable leadership journey has met with another success in his public speaking journey, as he receives his ACB award!
We want to congratulate him for his feat and give him our best wishes to keep leaping to newer heights and bring glory to our club, area, division and district.
Jan 2018

To the person, in whom passion flows with utmost vigour!
An ardent traveller and trekker, a super-enthusaistic runner, a charming guitarist who is now acing the public - speaking platform!
TM #HimanshuGupta, after serving a successful EC term in the first EC of DTM, with his passion and zeal has proved his mettle as a leader and now as a speaker with the completion of his CC and ALB goals. Many congratulations...........
Nov 2017

Another glory to DTM.
It's founding member the CC, CL Jasdev's success stories are never ending.
He has given another reason to us to be proud of.
Truly justifying the TI slogan where leaders are made.
We congratulate him on his achievement
July 2017

The new success of yours is yet another milestone in your success story.
You are for sure going to attain new heights with lot more successes.
Congrats Jaspal Singh for always evolving and inspiring others.
July 2017

Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise.
Abiding by the quote TM Himanshu Sharma has been making noise with his success incessantly.
Congratulations TM Himanshu Sharma !
July 2017

One more achievement unlocked. Streak continues, Congratulations TM Tarandeep Singh you made all of us proud,keep it up
July 2017

Congratulations to Super Enthusiastic and Energetic TM Kushnabh Chhabra for becoming DTMite of the Month- June.
July 2017

Your dedication, enthusiasm and insights are really inspiring. We wish you many years of great achievement. Congratulations!!!!
July 2017

Leaders lead by example, whether one intends to or not. Here is a great example for all of us, our own Ex-President and father of our club. Congratulations on your success!! you have made us proud !! Keep up the good work going. Cheers !!!!!!!
July 2017

Best Mentee ! Mohit Khurana
July 2017

The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.
July 2017

First ever Super DTMite award ! Himanshu Sharma
July 2017

After weeks of preparation and hard-work, we have the EC Elect of Delhi Toastmasters! Here's to the new leaders of DTM! <3
June 2017

If you can dream it you can do it. Second DTMite of the Month! Aakash Gupta
May 2017

When you're as enthusiastic as Tarandeep Singh, Competent Communicator (CC) and Competent Leader (CL) awards are incidental! Congratulations, Tarandeep!
May 2017

First ever DTMite of the Month! Tarandeep Singh
April 2017

DTM is now the best club of Division F, District 41, Toastmasters International!
April 2017

DTM receiving the Distinguished Ahead of Time Award (DATA)
April 2017

DTM receives the Fantastic Five Award
December 2016

Our VP-M, Kreeti Mahajan, won the Best Speaker Award, after running in Airtel's Delhi Marathon
November 2016

Our President, Vaibhav Jaisingh became a Triple Crown (CC, CL, ALB)
October 2016

Our VP-ED, Sidharth Kriplani became a CL
September 2016

Our VP-ED, Sidharth Kriplani became a CC
September 2016

Shreya Kabir won at the Area Level Speech Evaluation Contest
September 2016

More achievements coming soon...

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