The Team

Executive Committee

About Kreeti

An chain professional working in Swedish multinational Clubs together love for travelling, long distance running and Toastmasters by running half marathons in different cities and visiting local Toastmasters clubs there. A passionate Toastmaster since July 2016.

About Manisha

Delhite by heart. Cliched Software Engineer by degree and an IT professional by job. Shares a love for public speaking which made her join Toastmasters in Dec 2016. As a youth with lot of uncertainties in life , she loves to travel in those unknowns and develop a better version of herself.

About Harini

In 23 years of life, what did she do? Not much. Written a little, read a little more, danced a lot, been the pride of her family, overcame most of her fears, made wonderful friends, laughed a lot, dreamed immensely and tried to leave impression on any thing she undertook. Currently, sharpening her public speaking and leadership skills at Toastmasters, along with supporting others as the VP education.

About Prateek

A curious person by nature he always tries to find out why things are the way they are. A software developer by profession, has many interests including reading, playing TT and guitar & public speaking.

About Kushnabh

Commerce professional by mistake, engineer by heart and toastmaster by choice. Student forever. Joined toastmasters due to his love for stage. Dreams to take the club to new heights, wishes to involve everyone in the process as he believes in creating synergies by working with people.

About Shankar

Born premature... Well guess what, that was the only time he was early for anything. Another techie struggling to decipher God's plan. Fond of books, food and positivity in people around, adore long and meaningful conversation and shares love for Travelling.

About Charu

Sincere, honest, procrastinator, lazy and a girl who dares to dream with the courage to go behind them. Chartered accountant by profession, she works with Ernst and Young(E&Y). Her mantra to success lies in hardwork, being fearless & compassionate to people around.

About Sunil

A man brimming with youth, creativity & love. Happily married to a beautiful lady who gifted him, 2 adorable kids. He is a proud business owner of the company "Kumar Instruments", having a simple life mantra, "Stay Positive, Stay Happy". He joined Toastmasters in 2016 with a noble purpose of improving his communications skills to help his growing kids in their life journey.

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